If you are always disturbed by unwanted calls and SMS coming to your phone, then there is a good news for you. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is planning to introduce new rules so that you can get rid of unwanted calls and SMS.   It is being said that TRAI has not been ab

Apple has given wireless charging for the first time in its iPhone. The company has launched three new iPhones – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X late on Tuesday night. During the launch of the phone, the company said about wireless charging that Apple has named AirPower but for this wireless

Nowadays the time is of smart phone. Today, almost everyone has a smart phone. Nowadays, smart phone manufacturers companies are launching different types of  phones – slim as well as large size. But today we are talking about the world's smallest mobile phone. This phone is made of metal. T

According to the reports, Google is going to facilitate payment in the system with digital wallet like Paytm and MobiKwik along with the UPI. Google is now going to launch its payment service in India. According to the reports, Google will launch the digital payment service named ‘Tez’ on 18th o

It happens many times that you are on travel and your phone's battery is over. In such situation, you wish you had a power bank. Now, if you are thinking to buy a power bank and you are confused to see, there are a lot of power banks available in the market. So keep these important points while buyi

If you have an Android smartphone then you can customize it accordingly. But it can not be denied that there are many problems in the Android smartphone. Know about these problems in the Android smartphone and how to solve them. 1 User Interface Android smartphone slows down often when the inter

UIMI Technologies has launched a small solar chargeable power bank. It has several attractive features such as waterproof and dustproof. At the same time, it has the facility of charging with both solar energy and electricity. The price of this power bank is Rs 599. UIMI Technologies has launche

Several times, our computer or laptop affected from viruses during surfing the Internet. But, if you take care of these effective tips during surfing the Internet, you can certainly save your system from viruses.     1 Take care while searching Hollywood Celebrities With the

Nowadays the news of the virus attack has become very common. No matter the virus is in the computer system or in the smartphone. According to a recent report, millions of viruses occur every second on the internet. So the best option is beware of these viruses. But, how do you know if your device h

There are situations where we need to make an urgent call and network is absent.A weak signal does not even allow us to connect to other phones.In these circumstances you can apply the tricks below to make things better. 1 Downgrade network mode from 3G to 2G If you are experiencing weaker signa