There are situations where we need to make an urgent call and network is absent.A weak signal does not even allow us to connect to other phones.In these circumstances you can apply the tricks below to make things better. 1 Downgrade network mode from 3G to 2G If you are experiencing weaker signa

The world's largest smartphone maker, Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The company has given some new features in the smartphone which overcome the iPhone. 1Galaxy S8 has an Iris Scanner The new Galaxy S8 comes equipped with an iris scanner that unlocks the smartphone

It is a major problem of  iPhone battery draining frequently. Although, it happens because of its small size battery and users, too, often doing something with the phone. In addition, Apps also drain the iPhone battery such as the Facebook app. You will be surprised to know that the Facebook

The use of smartphones in everyday life has increased much. You need to charge your smartphone almost daily. Although, this problem increases further when you make some mistakes during the charging. Consequently, the results not only affect the performance of the phone, but also the risk of huge los