Several times, our computer or laptop affected from viruses during surfing the Internet. But, if you take care of these effective tips during surfing the Internet, you can certainly save your system from viruses.     1 Take care while searching Hollywood Celebrities With the

BHIM Aadhaar platform was launched recently in India. At the same time, the app also started referral bonus scheme. The youth of the country can earn Rs 10 – 15 thousand through this referral bonus scheme.That means for you are get paid when ever any one you have send the invitation to installs th

Those who want make money from YouTube have been shocked by Google’s new declaration.At present, there is a trend to make money by making a YouTube channel. In this way, it has become a source of income including creative work by creating a YouTube video. But now, considering this, the company ha

In the list of Cashless India, one more e-facility is going to include, which we all know as ‘Aadhaar Pay’. With the introduction of this facility, you will no longer need to keep cash, credit card or debit card in order to make any kind of payment. Just anywhere through your finger,